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Sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous


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Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Cone Photoreceptors
[Abstract]  Photoreceptors are specialized retinal neurons able to respond to light in order to generate visual information. Among photoreceptors, cones are involved in colors discrimination and high-resolution central vision and are selectively depleted in macular degenerations and cone dystrophies. A possible therapeutic solution for these disorders is to replace degenerating cells with functional cones. Here, we describe a simple protocol for the rapid production of large amount of cone photoreceptors from human pluripotent stem cells. The differentiation protocol is based on the “default pathway” of neural induction using the BMP, TGFβ and WNT antagonist COCO. [摘要]  光感受器是能够响应光以产生视觉信息的专门的视网膜神经元。 在光感受器中,视锥细胞参与颜色辨别和高分辨率中心视觉,并且选择性缺失黄斑变性和视锥营养不良。 这些疾病的可能的治疗溶液是用功能性锥体代替变性细胞。 在这里,我们描述了一个简单的协议,从人类多能干细胞快速生产大量的锥形感光细胞。 分化方案基于使用BMP,TGFβ和WNT拮抗剂COCO的神经诱导的"默认途径"。

[14C] Linoleic Acid Uptake and Fractionation Assay in Vibrio cholerae
[Abstract]  The gram-negative curved bacillus Vibrio cholerae (V. cholerae) causes the severe diarrheal illness cholera. The work presented here is to assess whether unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs), such as linoleic acid, have the potential to directly affect proteins involved in DNA binding because they are able to enter the cell. In this protocol, we show how to measure linoleic acid entering V. cholerae when added exogenously and determine whether it is able to enter the cytoplasm. This protocol will quantify how much linoleic acid is able to enter the cell and then identify the amount of linoleic acid that stays in the membrane or ultimately enters the cytoplasm. [摘要]  革兰氏阴性弯曲杆菌霍乱弧菌(<霍乱弧菌)导致严重的腹泻病霍乱。 这里介绍的工作是评估是否不饱和脂肪酸(ufas),如亚油酸,有可能直接影响参与dna结合的蛋白质,因为他们能够进入细胞。 在这个协议,我们显示如何测量亚麻酸进入。 霍乱菌,并且确定它是否能够进入细胞质。 该方案将量化亚油酸能够进入细胞多少,然后鉴定保留在膜中或最终进入细胞质的亚油酸的量。 这里介绍的工作是评估是否不饱和脂肪酸(ufas),如亚油酸,有可能直接影响参与dna结合的蛋白质,因为他们能够进入细胞。="" 在这个协议,我们显示如何测量亚麻酸进入。="" 霍乱菌,并且确定它是否能够进入细胞质。="" 该方案将量化亚油酸能够进入细胞多少,然后鉴定保留在膜中或最终进入细胞质的亚油酸的量。="">

Preparation of Candida albicans Biofilms for Transmission Electron Microscopy
[Abstract]  Transmission Electron Microscopy is a form of microscopy that allows for imaging of distinct portions of an individual cell. For Candida albicans biofilms, it is often used to visualize the cell walls of fixed samples of yeast and hyphae. This protocol describes how to grow, harvest, and fix Candida albicans biofilms in preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy. [摘要]  透射电子显微术是允许对单个细胞的不同部分成像的显微镜检查的形式。 对于白色念珠菌生物膜,它通常用于可视化酵母和菌丝的固定样品的细胞壁。 此协议描述如何生长,收获和修复白色念珠菌生物膜准备透射电子显微镜。