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Sodium cacodylate trihydrate


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Ex vivo Model of Human Aortic Valve Bacterial Colonization
[Abstract]  The interaction of pathogens with host tissues is a key step towards successful colonization and establishment of an infection. During bacteremia, pathogens can virtually reach all organs in the human body (e.g., heart, kidney, spleen) but host immunity, blood flow and tissue integrity generally prevents bacterial colonization. Yet, patients with cardiac conditions (e.g., congenital heart disease, atherosclerosis, calcific aortic stenosis, prosthetic valve recipients) are at a higher risk of bacterial infection. This protocol was adapted from an established ex vivo porcine heart adhesion model and takes advantage of the availability of heart tissues obtained from patients that underwent aortic valve replacement surgery. In this protocol, fresh tissues are used ... [摘要]  病原体与宿主组织的相互作用是成功定居和建立感染的关键步骤。在菌血症期间,病原体几乎可以达到人体内的所有器官(例如心脏,肾脏,脾脏),但是宿主的免疫力,血流和组织完整性通常防止细菌定植。然而,患有心脏病(例如先天性心脏病,动脉粥样硬化,钙化性主动脉狭窄,人工瓣膜受体)的患者处于较高的细菌感染风险。该方案从已建立的远端猪心脏粘连模型改编而成,并且利用从经历主动脉瓣置换手术的患者获得的心脏组织的可用性。在该方案中,使用新鲜组织来评估与心血管感染相关的细菌病原体(例如变形链球菌)与人主动脉瓣组织的直接相互作用。

背景 口腔病原体变形链球菌被认为是龋齿中的主要病原体,也可以与感染性心内膜炎(IE)等口腔外感染有关(Banas,2004)。 ...

Preparation of Candida albicans Biofilms for Transmission Electron Microscopy
[Abstract]  Transmission Electron Microscopy is a form of microscopy that allows for imaging of distinct portions of an individual cell. For Candida albicans biofilms, it is often used to visualize the cell walls of fixed samples of yeast and hyphae. This protocol describes how to grow, harvest, and fix Candida albicans biofilms in preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy. [摘要]  透射电子显微术是允许对单个细胞的不同部分成像的显微镜检查的形式。 对于白色念珠菌生物膜,它通常用于可视化酵母和菌丝的固定样品的细胞壁。 此协议描述如何生长,收获和修复白色念珠菌生物膜准备透射电子显微镜。