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Mouse Subependymal Zone Explants Cultured on Primary Astrocytes
[Abstract]  Neuroblast migration is a major component in the process of neuronal circuit assembly. In the rodent postnatal brain, the subependymal zone (SEZ) is the largest neurogenic niche where new neurons are born throughout life. These cells migrate several millimeters following a specific pathway called the rostral migratory stream (RMS) towards the olfactory bulb. Once they reach their final destination, they differentiate mainly as interneurons and integrate into already established neuronal circuits. Along the RMS, neuroblasts use a particular mode of migration known as chain migration. They stay attached to each other while migrating and are intimately associated with adjacent astrocytic processes. To dissect the molecular and cellular signals involved in neuroblast migration, we developed ... [摘要]  神经母细胞迁移是神经元电路组装过程中的主要组成部分。 在啮齿动物出生后的大脑中,子宫颈区(SEZ)是新生神经元生命中最大的神经源性生态位。 这些细胞沿着称为传播流(RMS)的特定途径朝向嗅球迁移几毫米。 一旦达到其最终目的地,它们主要区分为中间神经元并整合到已建立的神经元回路中。 沿着RMS,神经母细胞使用称为链转移的特定迁移模式。 它们在迁移时保持相互依赖,并与相邻的星形细胞过程密切相关。 为了解剖神经母细胞迁移中涉及的分子和细胞信号,我们开发了一种体外系统,其由在星形胶质细胞单层顶部共培养的经SEZ衍生的外植体组成。

2D Diagonal Redox SDS-PAGE of Proteins
[Abstract]  2D diagonal redox SDS-PAGE of proteins is used to detect intramolecular or intermolecular disulfide bridges using Chlamydomonas in this example (Stroeher and Dietz, 2008; Schwarz et al., 2012). Both dimensions consist of a conventional SDS-PAGE, except that the sample buffer for the first dimension lacks a reducing agent. Intermolecular disulfide bridges increase the apparent molecular weight of a protein in the first dimension, whereas intramolecular bridges decrease the apparent weight of the protein. [摘要]  在该实施例中,使用蛋白质的2D对角线氧化还原SDS-PAGE用于检测分子内或分子间二硫键(Stroeher和Dietz,2008; Schwarz等人,2012) 。 两个维度由常规SDS-PAGE组成,除了第一维的样品缓冲液不含还原剂。 分子间二硫桥在第一维中增加蛋白质的表观分子量,而分子内桥降低蛋白质的表观重量。