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Formvar/Carbon Coated TEM Grids 300 Mesh Nickel Pack of 25

Formvar / Carbon Coat TEM Grids 300 Mesh镍包装25

Company: Structure Probe
Catalog#: 3430N-CF
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Immunoelectron Microscopy in Chlamydomonas Cells
[Abstract]  The method of immunoelectron microscopy is intended for localization of proteins inside the cells of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii or other microalgae and cyanobacteria. This protocol was used to study localization of carbonic anhydrase Cah3 with antibodies raised in rabbit, though it can be used to localize any other abundant protein. Primary rabbit antibodies are recommended because they react quickly and specifically with proteins of C. reinhardtii. If primary antibodies other than rabbit are used, the blocking procedure and time of incubation with primary and secondary antibodies should be adjusted. [摘要]  免疫电子显微镜法的目的是将蛋白质定位在莱茵衣藻或其它微藻和蓝细菌的细胞内。 该方案用于研究碳酸酐酶Cah3与在兔中产生的抗体的定位,尽管其可以用于定位任何其他丰富的蛋白质。 建议使用初级兔抗体,因为它们能快速和特异性地与C的蛋白反应。 reinhardtii 。 如果使用除兔以外的第一抗体,应当调整与第一和第二抗体孵育的封闭程序和时间。