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Retinal Explant Culture
[Abstract]  A particularly powerful culture method for the retina is the explant assay, which consists in culturing a small piece of retina on an organotypic filter. Retinal explants can be prepared any time between embryonic day 13 (E13) and postnatal day 4 (P4). Although retinal ganglion cells tend to degenerate shortly after they are generated in explants, and photoreceptor cells do not grow extended outer segments, the explants will develop very similarly to a retina in vivo and generate all the different retinal cell types that will migrate to the appropriate layer. The retinal explant culture assay is particularly useful in cases where a mouse mutant is embryonic lethal and its retinal development cannot be studied in vivo. Because retinal explants can be prepared from ... [摘要]  视网膜的特别强大的培养方法是外植体测定,其包括在器官型过滤器上培养小片视网膜。视网膜外植体可以在胚胎第13天(E13)和出生后第4天(P4)之间的任何时间进行。虽然视网膜神经节细胞在外植体中产生后不久就会退化,并且感光细胞不会扩展外延伸的外切片,外植体将在体内与视网膜非常相似,并产生将迁移到适当的所有不同的视网膜细胞类型层。视网膜外植体培养测定在小鼠突变体是胚胎致死性并且其视网膜发育不能在体内研究的情况下特别有用。因为视网膜外植体可以从胚胎动物制备并用病毒载体电穿孔或感染,因此也是胚胎期基因功能研究的有用途径。在这里,我们提出了我们在各种出版物中广泛使用的视网膜外植体培养方法(Kechad等,2012; Cayouette等,2003; Cayouette和Raff,2003; Elliott等,2008)。