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Genome Editing in Diatoms Using CRISPR-Cas to Induce Precise Bi-allelic Deletions
[Abstract]  Genome editing in diatoms has recently been established for the model species Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Thalassiosira pseudonana. The present protocol, although developed for T. pseudonana, can be modified to edit any diatom genome as we utilize the flexible, modular Golden Gate cloning system. The main steps include how to design a construct using Golden Gate cloning for targeting two sites, allowing a precise deletion to be introduced into the target gene. The transformation protocol is explained, as are the methods for screening using band shift assay and/or restriction site loss. [摘要]  最近为三角褐指藻(Phaeodactylum tricornutum)和海绵假丝酵母(Thalassiosira pseudonana)建立了硅藻基因组编辑。 目前的协议,虽然开发的 T。 pseudonana ,可以修改编辑任何硅藻基因组,因为我们利用灵活,模块化的金门克隆系统。 主要步骤包括如何设计构建使用金门克隆靶向两个网站,允许一个精确的删除被引入目标基因。 解释转化方案,以及使用带移位测定和/或限制性位点丢失进行筛选的方法。

【背景】CRISPR-Cas正在迅速成为分子研究的一个关键方法。基于在细菌和古细菌中发现的病毒防御机制,CRISPR-Cas诱导基因组中精确位置的双链断裂(DSBs)。它涉及使用与CRISPR ...

A Golden Gate-based Protocol for Assembly of Multiplexed gRNA Expression Arrays for CRISPR/Cas9
[Abstract]  The CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)-associated protein 9 (Cas9) has become the most broadly used and powerful tool for genome editing. Many applications of CRISPR-Cas9 require the delivery of multiple small guide RNAs (gRNAs) into the same cell in order to achieve multiplexed gene editing or regulation. Using traditional co-transfection of single gRNA expression vectors, the likelihood of delivering several gRNAs into the same cell decreases in accordance with the number of gRNAs. Thus, we have developed a method to efficiently assemble gRNA expression cassettes (2-30 gRNAs) into one single vector using a Golden-Gate assembly method (Vad-Nielsen et al., 2016). In this protocol, we describe the detailed step-by-step instructions for assembly of ... [摘要]  CRISPR(聚簇定期间隔短回文重复序列)相关蛋白9(Cas9)已成为最广泛使用和强大的基因组编辑工具。 CRISPR-Cas9的许多应用需要将多个小导向RNA(gRNA)递送到相同的细胞中以实现多重基因编辑或调节。使用单个gRNA表达载体的传统共转染,将几个gRNA递送到相同细胞中的可能性根据gRNA的数量减少。因此,我们开发了使用Golden-Gate装配方法(Vad-Nielsen等人,2016)将gRNA表达盒(2-30gRNA)有效地装配到一个单一载体中的方法。在这个协议,我们描述详细的分步指示的多路复用gRNA表达式数组的组装。在我们的表达阵列中使用的gRNA支架是由人U6启动子驱动的来自化脓性链球菌的Cas9蛋白的gRNA 1.0系统。
关键字: CRISPR,SpCas9,金门汇编,多重gRNA阵列,同时遗传操作 

[背景] ...

Characterization of HBV Isolates from Patient Serum Samples and Cloning
[Abstract]  Hepatitis B virus (HBV) mutants can lead to vaccine failure, diagnostic failure of HBV detection, increase viral replication and resistance to antiviral agents. To study the biological characteristics of these mutations may contribute to our knowledge on viral pathogenesis. Therefore, it is essential to isolate and characterize HBV strains from patients. Here we describe the experimental methods to isolate and clone HBV DNA from patient serum. The method will facilitate isolation and functional analysis of new HBV variants. [摘要]  乙型肝炎病毒(HBV)突变体可导致疫苗失败,HBV检测的诊断失败,增加病毒复制和对抗病毒剂的抗性。 研究这些突变的生物学特性可能有助于我们对病毒发病机制的了解。 因此,必须从患者中分离和表征HBV病毒株。 在这里我们描述从患者血清中分离和克隆HBV DNA的实验方法。 该方法将促进新的HBV变体的分离和功能分析。