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GeneticinTM Selective Antibiotic (G418 Sulfate), Powder

遗传霉素 选择性抗生素(G418硫酸盐)

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: 11811031
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Method for Multiplexing CRISPR/Cas9 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Artificial Target DNA Sequences
[Abstract]  Genome manipulation has become more accessible given the advent of the CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) editing technology. The Cas9 endonuclease binds a single stranded (single guide) RNA (sgRNA) fragment that recruits the complex to a corresponding genomic target sequence where it induces a double stranded break. Eukaryotic repair systems allow for the introduction of exogenous DNA, repair of existing mutations, or deletion of endogenous gene products. Targeting of Cas9 to multiple genomic positions (termed ‘multiplexing’) is achieved by the expression of multiple sgRNAs within the same nucleus. However, an ongoing concern of the CRISPR field has been the accidental targeting of Cas9 to alternative (‘off-target’) DNA locations within a genome. We ... [摘要]  鉴于CRISPR(集群定期间隔短回归重复)编辑技术的出现,基因组操纵变得更加易于使用。 Cas9核酸内切酶将募集复合物的单链(单向导)RNA(sgRNA)片段结合到相应的基因组靶序列,引发双链断裂。真核修复系统允许引入外源DNA,修复现有突变或内源基因产物的缺失。通过在同一核内表达多个sgRNA来实现Cas9对多个基因组位置的定位(称为“多重”)。然而,CRISPR领域的持续关注是将Cas9意外地定位到基因组内的替代(“脱靶”)DNA位置。我们将安装的人造Cas9靶序列的使用(称为人造基因座上的Cas9复制)描述为允许(i)与单个sgRNA复用的酵母基因组中的用途; (ii)减少/消除可能的脱靶效应,以及(iii)精确控制预定目标序列的放置。
【背景】CRISPR(集群定期间隔回归重复)机制已经在原核生物中演变为具有很高精度编辑任何基因组的能力的原始适应性免疫系统(Jinek等,2012; Sorek等,2013)。这种生物技术需要使用来自化脓性链球菌(或othologous物种)的内切核酸酶(Cas9),单个RNA'引导'序列和外源供体DNA(如果需要)。仅在短短几年内,CRISPR / ...

Robust Generation of Knock-in Cell Lines Using CRISPR-Cas9 and rAAV-assisted Repair Template Delivery
[Abstract]  The programmable Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)-associated nuclease 9 (Cas9) technology revolutionized genome editing by providing an efficient way to cut the genome at a desired location (Ledford, 2015). In mammalian cells, DNA lesions trigger the error-prone non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) DNA repair mechanism. However, in presence of a DNA repair template, Homology-Directed Repair (HDR) can occur leading to precise repair of the lesion site. This last process can be exploited to enable precise knock-in changes by introducing the desired genomic alteration on the repair template. In this protocol we describe the delivery of long repair templates (> 200 nucleotides) using recombinant Adeno Associated Virus (rAAV) for CRISPR-Cas9-based knock-in of a ... [摘要]  可编程集群定期间隔短回归度(CRISPR)相关核酸酶9(Cas9)技术通过提供在所需位置切割基因组的有效方式,彻底改变了基因组编辑(Ledford,2015)。 在哺乳动物细胞中,DNA损伤触发易发生非同源末端连接(NHEJ)DNA修复机制。 然而,在DNA修复模板的存在下,可以发生同源性定向修复(HDR),导致病变部位的精确修复。 可以利用最后的方法,通过在修复模板上引入所需的基因组改变来实现精确的敲入变化。 在本协议中,我们描述了使用重组腺相关病毒(rAAV)在人细胞系中进行基于CRISPR-Cas9的C-末端标签序列敲入的长修复模板(> 200个核苷酸)的递送。

尽管有关CRISPR-Cas9产生的敲门模型系统的大量报告,敲门砖报告仍然落后。由于许多应用,产生敲入细胞系仍然是基因组编辑的明显目标。敲入改变的引入通常依赖于修复模板DNA的存在,并且在位点特异性双链(ds)DNA断裂被引入接近改变位点的基因组中后,HDR修复机制的激活。不同的模板可以传送到修复机器,范围从含有广泛同源区域和可选选择盒的经典线性化载体到约200个核苷酸的单链(ss)DNA寡核苷酸(Chen等人, ...

Dictyostelium Cultivation, Transfection, Microscopy and Fractionation
[Abstract]  The real time visualisation of fluorescently tagged proteins in live cells using ever more sophisticated microscopes has greatly increased our understanding of the dynamics of key proteins during fundamental physiological processes such as cell locomotion, chemotaxis, cell division and membrane trafficking. In addition the fractionation of cells and isolation of organelles or known compartments can often verify any subcellular localisation and the use of tagged proteins as bait for the immunoprecipitation of material from cell fractions can identify specific binding partners and multiprotein complexes thereby helping assign a function to the tagged protein. We have successfully applied these techniques to the Dictyostelium discoideum protein TSPOON that is part of an ancient ... [摘要]  使用更复杂的显微镜,活细胞中荧光标记的蛋白质的实时可视化大大增加了我们对基本生理过程如细胞运动,趋化性,细胞分裂和膜运输过程中关键蛋白质动力学的了解。此外,细胞的分级和分离细胞器或已知的隔室通常可以验证任何亚细胞定位,并且使用标记的蛋白质作为诱饵用于来自细胞部分的物质的免疫沉淀可以鉴定特异性结合配偶体和多蛋白复合物,从而有助于赋予功能标记蛋白。我们已经成功地将这些技术应用于作为古代异构六聚体膜转运复合物的一部分的盘基网柄菌discoideum蛋白TSPOON(Hirst等,2013)。 ...