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Company: Henke-Sass, Wolf
Catalog#: 5010.200V0
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Preparation of Single Cell Suspensions from Mouse Aorta
[Abstract]  Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the arterial wall characterized by lipid deposition, plaque formation, and immune cell infiltration. Innate and adaptive immune cells infiltrate the artery during development of the disease. Moreover, advanced disease leads to formation of artery tertiary lymphoid organs in the adventitia (Grabner et al., 2009; Hu et al., 2015). Various and diverse types of immune cells have been identified in the aorta adventitia vs atherosclerotic plaques (Elewa et al., 2016; Galkina et al., 2006; Lotzer et al., 2010; Mohanta et al., 2016; Mohanta et al., 2014; Moos et al., 2005; Srikakulapu et al., 2016; Zhao et al., 2004). There are conflicting reports on the number and subtypes ... [摘要]  动脉粥样硬化是动脉壁的慢性炎性疾病,其特征在于脂质沉积,斑块形成和免疫细胞浸润。先天性和适应性免疫细胞在疾病发展期间浸润动脉。此外,晚期疾病导致外膜中动脉三级淋巴器官的形成(Grabner等人,2009; Hu等人,2015)。已经在主动脉外膜vs动脉粥样硬化斑块中鉴定了各种不同类型的免疫细胞(Elewa等人,2016; Galkina等人,2006; Lotzer等人, 2010; Mohanta等人,2016; Mohanta等人,2014; Moos等人,2010; Mohanta等人,2010; 2005; Srikakulapu et al。,2016; Zhao et al。,2004)。根据动物的年龄,用于获得单细胞悬浮液的方案和小鼠的饮食条件,存在关于主动脉中免疫细胞的数量和亚型的矛盾报告(Campbell等, 2012; Clement等人,2015; Galkina等人,2006; Kyaw等人,2012)。使用不同的方案,主动脉中免疫细胞的数目差异多达十倍(Butcher等,2012; Galkina等,2006; Gjurich等,2015; Grabner等人,2009; ...