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Catalog#: C1144
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Sample Preparation for X-ray Micro-computed Tomography of Woody Plant Material and Associated Xylem Visualisation Techniques
[Abstract]  Variation in the tissue structure of short rotation coppice (SRC) willow is a principle factor driving differences in lignocellulosic sugar yield yet much of the physiology and development of this tissue is unknown. Traditional sectioning can be both difficult and destructive in woody tissue; however, technology such as three dimensional X-ray micro-computational tomography (μCT) scanning can be used to move biological researchers beyond traditional two dimensional assessment of tissue variation without having to destructively cut cells. This technology does not replace classical microscopic techniques but rather can be carefully integrated with traditional methods to improve exploration of the world of plant biology in three dimensions. The procedures below outline preparation of willow ... [摘要]  短旋转枝(SRC)柳树的组织结构的变化是驱动木质纤维素糖产量的差异的主要因素,但是该组织的大部分生理学和发育是未知的。传统的切片在木质组织中既困难又具有破坏性;然而,诸如三维X射线微计算断层扫描(μCT)扫描的技术可以用于移动生物学研究者超越组织变化的传统二维评估,而不必破坏性地切割细胞。这种技术不能取代传统的微观技术,而是可以仔细地与传统方法整合,以改进植物生物学世界的三维探索。以下程序概述了用于3D X射线μCT和相关木质部染色和可视化技术的柳树的制备,特别是在凝胶状纤维(g-纤维)发育期间的次生木质部程序性细胞死亡(PCD)延迟。这里的许多染色技术可转移到其他木本物种,如杨树和桉树。