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Company: Carl Roth
Catalog#: HA79.1
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Ustilago maydis Virulence Assays in Maize
[Abstract]  The basidiomycetous smut fungus Ustilago maydis (U. maydis) infects all aerial parts of its host plant maize (Zea mays L.). Infection symptoms are seen in the form of prominent tumors on all aerial parts of maize, after the establishment of a biotrophic interaction with the host usually around 5-6 days post infection (dpi). The fungus colonizes the various developmentally distinct aerial organs at different stages of development to form these prominent symptoms. Although being a biotrophic plant pathogen, U. maydis can easily be cultivated under axenic conditions to produce a standardized inoculum. The infections can be carried out under laboratory conditions by syringe inoculation on all the aerial organs of maize. This protocol has been successfully ... [摘要]  落叶青霉菌(Basidiomycetous smut fungus)Ustilago maydis( U。maydis )感染其宿主植物玉米的所有地上部分( Zea mays 感染症状在与宿主生物营养相互作用通常在感染后约5-6天(dpi)建立后以玉米的所有地上部分的突出肿瘤的形式见到。真菌在不同发育阶段定居各种发育不同的气生器官以形成这些突出的症状。虽然是一种生物营养性植物病原体, maydis 可以容易地在无菌条件下培养以产生标准化接种物。感染可以在实验室条件下通过注射器接种在玉米的所有气生器官上进行。该方案已经成功地用于感染玉米的所有气生器官并且在U中制定毒力测定。 maydis 使其成为研究植物病理学研究的优良模型系统(Schilling等人,2014; Redkar等人,2015)。