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Company: Sangon Biotech
Catalog#: A100637
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Shoot Regenerative Capacity Assays in Arabidopsis and Tobacco
[Abstract]  Plant regeneration refers to a process through which an explant is differentiated to a whole plant under certain conditions. It has been shown that two plant hormones, auxin and cytokinin, play critical roles within this process (Duclercq et al., 2011). Cytokinin induces shoot regeneration, whereas auxin promotes root production. In addition to hormones, recent study has revealed that age cue serves as a common element behind plant cell totipotency (Toledano et al., 2012). Here we present an easy protocol to assess the shoot regenerative capacity of Arabidopsis and tobacco leaves of different ages. [摘要]  植物再生是指在某些条件下外植体分化成整株植物的过程。 已经表明,两种植物激素,植物生长素和细胞分裂素在该过程中起关键作用(Duclercq等人,2011)。 细胞分裂素诱导芽再生,而生长素促进根生产。 除了激素,最近的研究已经揭示年龄提示作为植物细胞全能性背后的共同元素(Toledano等人,2012)。 在这里我们提出了一个简单的协议,以评估不同年龄的拟南芥和烟草叶的射线再生能力。

A Protocol to Measure the Cytoplasmic Calcium in Arabidopsis Guard Cells
[Abstract]  Cytoplasmic calcium ([Ca2+]cyt) acts as a stimulus-induced second messenger in multiple signal transduction cascades (Allen et al., 1999). In plant cells, a dramatic and readily assayed response to stimulus is the change of stomatal aperture. Changes in [Ca2+]cyt of stomatal guard cells were involved in stomatal movement in response to various stimuli and cellular processes. In general, there are two available ways to measure [Ca2+]cyt in guard cells, i.e., loading of calcium-sensitive fluorescence dyes such as fluo-3 AM and fura-2 or expressing genetically encoded calcium indicators such as yellow cameleon (Krebs et al., 2012). In this protocol, we aim at describing the experimental procedure to ... [摘要]  细胞质钙([Ca 2+] + cyt)在多个信号转导级联中用作刺激诱导的第二信使(Allen等人, 1999)。在植物细胞中,对刺激的戏剧性和容易测定的响应是气孔孔径的变化。气孔保卫细胞的[Ca + ] 细胞的变化参与响应于各种刺激和细胞过程的气孔运动。一般来说,有两种可用的方法来测量保护细胞中的钙离子荧光染料的加载量,即 例如fluo-3AM和fura-2或表达遗传编码的钙指示剂例如黄色卡梅伦(Krebs等人,2012)。在该方案中,我们旨在描述在ABA或PA处理时加载fluo-3AM的保卫细胞中记录[Ca 2 cyT 用共聚焦激光扫描显微镜进行荧光成像。