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Company: Hermann Meyer
Catalog#: 321234
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Experimental Design to Determine Drought Stress Response and Early Leaf Senescence in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
[Abstract]  Premature leaf senescence induced by drought stress is a main factor for yield losses in barley. Research in drought stress tolerance has become more important as due to climate change the number of drought periods will increase and tolerance to drought stress has become a goal of high interest in barley breeding. However, reliable screening for drought stress tolerance is still a difficult task. This protocol describes the experimental design for the phenotyping for drought stress tolerance and early leaf senescence in the juvenile stage of barley (A) and the determination of six physiological parameters involved in drought tolerance and leaf senescence (B to G) according to Wehner et al., (2015). [摘要]  由干旱胁迫诱导的过早叶子衰老是大麦产量损失的主要因素。 干旱胁迫耐受性的研究变得更加重要,因为由于气候变化,干旱期的数量将增加,并且对干旱胁迫的耐受性已经成为大麦育种中高度关注的目标。 然而,对干旱胁迫耐受性的可靠筛选仍然是一项艰巨的任务。 该协议描述了针对大麦幼龄阶段(A)的干旱胁迫耐受性和早期叶衰老的表型的实验设计以及根据Wehner等人(2006)的参考干旱耐受性和叶衰老(B对G)的六个生理参数的确定 > et al。,(2015)。