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Cell-based Assays to Monitor AID Activity
[Abstract]  The enzyme Activation induced deaminase (AID) underpins antibody affinity maturation and isotype switching through its mutagenic activity of deaminating deoxycytidine to deoxyuridine in DNA. Subsequent processing of the deoxyuridine initiates the processes of somatic hypermutation (SHM) and class switch recombination (CSR) in B cells. Structure-function analysis of AID requires sensitive and biologically relevant methods to measure its various activities. Here we describe simple but effective methods to measure 1) the ability of AID to mutate the Escherichia coli genome, which provides an indication of its catalytic activity; 2) the capacity of AID to perform SHM by complementing a derivative of the DT40 chicken B cell line; 3) the ability of AID to perform CSR by complementing ... [摘要]  酶活化诱导的脱氨酶(AID)通过其将脱氧胞苷脱氨基到DNA中的脱氧尿苷的诱变活性来支持抗体亲和力成熟和同种型转换。脱氧尿苷的后续加工引发B细胞中体细胞超突变(SHM)和类型转换重组(CSR)的过程。 AID的结构功能分析需要灵敏和生物相关的方法来测量其各种活动。在这里我们描述简单但有效的方法来测量1)AID突变大肠杆菌基因组的能力,其提供其催化活性的指示; 2)AID通过补充DT40鸡B细胞系的衍生物来进行SHM的能力; 3)AID通过补充AID缺乏的原代小鼠B细胞来进行CSR的能力。三种方法的组合,伴随着AID亚细胞定位和蛋白质表达水平和稳定性的必要分析作为对照,允许AID的详细结构功能研究。