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FMTM 4-64 Dye (N-(3-Triethylammoniumpropyl)-4-(6-(4-(Diethylamino) Phenyl) Hexatrienyl) Pyridinium Dibromide)


Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: T13320
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Live Confocal Imaging of Brachypodium Spikelet Meristems
[Abstract]  Live confocal imaging of fluorescent reporters and stains in plant meristems provides valuable measurements of gene expression, protein dynamics, cell polarity, cell division, and growth. The spikelet meristem in the grass Brachypodium distachyon (Brachypodium) is well suited to live imaging because of the ease of dissection, small meristem size, simple arrangement of organs, and because each plant provides abundant spikelet meristems. Brachypodium is also far easier to genetically transform than other grass species. Presented here is a protocol for the growth, staging, dissection, mounting, and imaging of Brachypodium spikelet meristems for live confocal imaging. [摘要]  荧光报告子和植物分生组织中的染色的活共聚焦成像提供了基因表达,蛋白质动力学,细胞极性,细胞分裂和生长的有价值的测量。 由于易于解剖,小分生组织大小,器官的简单排列,并且因为每种植物提供了丰富的小穗分生组织,因此草 Brachypodium distachyon (Brachypodium)中的小穗分生组织非常适合于活体成像。 短柄草比其他草种更容易进行遗传转化。 这里介绍的是用于活体共聚焦成像的短柄草小穗分生组织的生长,分期,解剖,安装和成像的方案。

植物器官(叶子,树枝,花)起源于分生组织,分生组织是含有干细胞群的植物的生长尖端。转录报告子,荧光融合蛋白和荧光染料的活共聚焦成像提供了关于涉及分生组织维持和器官起始的无数基因产物的重要空间和时间信息。 拟南芥花序分生组织的实时成像是一个持续的探索线(Reddy et al。,2004; Bhatia et al。,2016; Prunet et al。,2016; Willis et al。,2016; Landrein et al。,2018; Shi et al。,2018),而拟南芥之外的植物中分生组织的实时成像受到限制(Deb et al。,2015)。

这里展示的是一种共聚物实时成像方案,用于草 Brachypodium distachyon ...

Preparation of Outer Membrane Vesicles from Myxococcus xanthus
[Abstract]  Outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) represent a unique sub-cellular compartment of bacteria that may act as a scaffold for various extracellular activities, including intercellular signaling. Myxococcus xanthus (M. xanthus) is a predatory bacterium that engages in cell-cell behaviors such as fruiting body formation and contact dependent lysis of other microbes. The OMVs of M. xanthus have been shown to have an elaborate architecture of chains and tubes that can connect cells within a biofilm. These higher order OMV structures have been shown to contain proteins exchanged for community behaviors and small molecules that have antibiotic activities, and may help facilitate directed exchange. M. xanthus OMVs allow material transfer between neighboring cells for ... [摘要]  外膜囊泡(OMV)代表细菌的独特亚细胞区室,其可以充当各种细胞外活性(包括细胞间信号传导)的支架。 (Myxococcus xanthus)是一种掠夺性细菌,其参与细胞 - 细胞行为,例如子实体形成和其他微生物的接触依赖性裂解。 M.M的OMV。 xanthus已经显示具有可以连接生物膜内的细胞的链和管的精细结构。 这些更高级的OMV结构已经显示含有交换为社区行为的蛋白质和具有抗生素活性的小分子,并且可以有助于促进定向交换。 M。 xanthus OMV允许相邻细胞之间的物质转移,用于运动和捕食。