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Histochemical Preparations to Depict the Structure of Cauliflower Leaf Hydathodes
[Abstract]  Hydathodes are plant organs present on leaf margins of a wide range of vascular plants and are the sites of guttation. Both anatomy and physiology of hydathodes are poorly documented. We have recently reported on the anatomy of cauliflower and Arabidopsis thaliana hydathodes and on their infection by the vascular pathogenic bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris (Xcc) (Cerutti et al., 2017). Because hydathodes are natural infection routes for several pathogens, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of their anatomy to further better interpret images of infected hydathodes. Here, we described different detailed protocols for gaining information on hydathode anatomy which are applicable to a wide range of plants (including monocots ... [摘要]  水溶性植物是存在于各种维管植物的叶缘上的植物器官,是排列的位置。水解的解剖学和生理学都很少被证明。我们最近报道了花椰菜和拟南芥水解的解剖结构及其血管病原菌黄单胞菌(Xanthomonas campestris)pv的感染。 Cerutti等人,2017)。由于水阴是多种病原体的自然感染途径,因此需要对其解剖学有深入的了解,以进一步更好地解释受感染水合物的图像。在这里,我们描述了不同的详细方案,以获得适用于广泛植物(包括单子叶植物如大麦和水稻)的水溶性解剖学信息。用Nomarsky和共焦显微镜观察澄清的厚样品。透射光和透射电子显微镜中的光学显微镜用于观察薄和超薄切片。
【背景】在文献中,使用不同的技术来研究水溶性(Perrin,1972; Chen and Chen,2007; Wang等人,2011; Singh,2014)。 从光学显微镜(在整个组织或树脂嵌入样品的部分)到扫描或透射电子显微镜,可以使用大型方案和技术。 据我们所知,这些技术并不被组合使用,激光共焦显微镜从未用于描绘水溶性结构。 此外,我们注意到从协议到协议的变化。 我们在这里介绍了组合使用的不同技术。 它们适合花椰菜和拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana)。 它们已成功应用于其他植物,如单子叶植物(大麦和大米),应适用于各种植物物种。 ...

Cytohistochemical Determination of Calcium Deposition in Plant Cells
[Abstract]  Calcium plays important roles in maintaining plant cellular structure and also acts as a key secondary messenger in intercellular signaling. Thirty years ago, methods of detecting calcium in sub-cellular level had been established (Stockwell and Hanchey, 1982; Borgers et al., 1982) and reviewed extensively (Wick and Heplerm, 1982). We had used the method of testing calcium localization in salt tolerance improved transgenic alfalfa plant (Zhang and Wang, 2015). Here, we describe the protocol of testing calcium deposition by staining with potassium pyroantimonate (PPA) in detail, which was adapted from former reports (Stockwell and Hanchey, 1982; Borgers et al., 1982). The principle of this protocol is that the Ca2+ can react with antimonite and from black ... [摘要]  钙在维持植物细胞结构中起重要作用,并且还在细胞间信号传导中作为关键的第二信使。三十年前,已经建立了在亚细胞水平检测钙的方法(Stockwell和Hanchey,1982; Borgers等人,1982)并广泛地综述(Wick和Heplerm,1982)。我们使用测试钙定位的方法在耐盐改良的转基因苜蓿植物中(Zhang和Wang,2015)。在这里,我们描述了通过用详细的焦锑酸钾(PPA)染色测试钙沉积的方案,其改编自以前的报道(Stockwell和Hanchey,1982; Borgers等人,1982)。该方案的原理是Ca 2+ 2+可以与锑矿和黑色颗粒反应,这可以在透射电子显微镜下观察到。该协议包括植物组织的常见显微操作技术,用透射电子显微镜和照相观察。