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Company: Scientific Laboratory Supplies
Catalog#: CHE1796
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Super-resolution Imaging of Live BY2 Cells Using 3D-structured Illumination Microscopy
[Abstract]  Light microscopy is the standard tool for studying sub-cellular structures however, owing to the diffractive properties of light, resolution is limited to 200 nm. Super-resolution microscopy methods circumvent this limit, offering greater resolution, particularly when studying fluorescently labeled sub-cellular structures. Super-resolution methods such as 3D-SIM (Structured Illumination Microscopy) fill a useful niche between confocal and electron microscopy. We have previously had success using fixed plant tissue samples with 3D-SIM (Bell and Oparka, 2014). However, sensitive structures can be altered by fixation and embedding procedures, so we developed a method for imaging live cells. In this protocol we used 3D-SIM to image the ER and Hechtian Strands in live, plasmolysed BY2 cells. [摘要]  光学显微镜是用于研究亚细胞结构的标准工具,然而,由于光的衍射性质,分辨率限于200nm。 超分辨率显微镜方法规避这一限制,提供更大的分辨率,特别是当研究荧光标记的亚细胞结构。 超分辨率方法,如3D-SIM(结构照明显微镜)填充共聚焦和电子显微镜之间有用的利基。 我们以前已经成功使用固定植物组织样本与3D-SIM(贝尔和Oparka,2014)。 然而,敏感结构可以通过固定和嵌入程序改变,所以我们开发了一种成像活细胞的方法。 在这个协议中,我们使用3D-SIM成像ER和Hechtian链在活的,plasmolysed BY2细胞。