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Swann-MortonTM Carbon Steel Scalpel Blade

Swann-Morton TM碳钢刀片

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: 11712734
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Isolation of Tonoplast Vesicles from Tomato Fruit Pericarp
[Abstract]  This protocol describes the isolation of tonoplast vesicles from tomato fruit. The vesicles isolated using this procedure are of sufficiently high purity for downstream proteomic analysis whilst remaining transport competent for functional assays. The methodology was used to study the transport of amino acids during tomato fruit ripening (Snowden et al., 2015) and based on the procedure used by Betty and Smith (Bettey and Smith, 1993). Such vesicles may be useful in further studies into the dynamic transfer of metabolites across the tonoplast for storage and metabolism during tomato fruit development. [摘要]  这个协议描述了从番茄果实隔离tonoplast囊泡。 使用该程序分离的囊泡具有足够高的纯度用于下游蛋白质组分析,同时保留用于功能测定的转运感受态。 该方法用于研究番茄果实成熟期间氨基酸的转运(Snowden等人,2015)并且基于Betty和Smith使用的程序(Bettey和Smith,1993)。 这样的囊泡可用于进一步研究代谢物在整个质膜上的动态转移,用于番茄果实发育期间的储存和代谢。