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Fluorescein labeled Lycopersicon Esculentum (Tomato) Lectin


Company: Vector Laboratories
Catalog#: FL-1171
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Intravenous Tomato Lectin Injection to Assess Functional Vasculature
[Abstract]  Pluripotent stem cells have recently allowed for the development of tissue models for the various organ systems within the body. These models allow scientists to study organ function, physiology, embryology, and even pathologic processes. Studies on tissue can be done in vitro and/or transplanted into animal models for studies in vivo. Recently, our lab developed a model of human small intestine derived from human pluripotent stem cells which when transplanted in vivo, matured into an intestinal structure similar to that of adult intestine. The maturity of the transplanted human intestinal tissue was dependent upon the development of an adequate blood supply primarily from the murine host. In order to better study the developed vascular network within our ... [摘要]  多能干细胞最近允许开发用于体内各种器官系统的组织模型。这些模型允许科学家研究器官功能,生理,胚胎学,甚至病理过程。对组织的研究可以在体外进行和/或移植到动物模型中用于体内研究 。最近,我们的实验室开发了源自​​人多能干细胞的人类小肠的模型,其在体内移植时成熟为类似于成年肠的肠结构。移植的人肠组织的成熟依赖于主要来自鼠宿主的足够血液供应的发展。为了更好地研究在我们移植的肠组织内发育的血管网络,我们将荧光素标记的番茄凝集素注入小鼠尾静脉(Watson等人, 2014)。使用这种凝集素的属性绑定到内皮,我们能够可视化移植内的脉管系统。