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Establishment of a Symbiotic in vitro System between a Green Meadow Orchid and a Rhizoctonia-like Fungus
[Abstract]  Symbiotic orchid seed germination in an in vitro system allows the growth of mycorrhizal protocorms and plantlets for scientific purposes. Orchids in nature need to establish a mycorrhizal symbiosis with fungal partners to germinate and develop into adult plants. Here we present a protocol for symbiotic germination of the terrestrial Mediterranean green meadow orchid Serapias vomeracea. The fungal symbiont Tulasnella calospora (T. calospora) (Basidiomycetes, Cantharellales) was chosen because of its common occurrence (Girlanda et al., 2011), its ability to grow in culture and compatibility in germination assays. T. calospora is one of the most common rhizoctonia-like fungi associated with terrestrial as well as epiphytic orchids. [摘要]  在体外系统中的共生兰花种子萌发允许用于科学目的的菌根原球茎和小植物的生长。 兰花本质上需要建立与真菌合作者的菌根共生,以发芽和发育成成虫植物。 在这里我们提出了地中海地中海绿色草地兰花 Serapias vomeracea的共生萌发的协议。 选择真菌共生菌(Talsnella calospora)( T。calospora )(担子菌门,Cantharellales),因为其常见的发生(Girlanda等人,2011 ),其在培养中生长的能力和在发芽测定中的相容性。 T。 calospora 是与陆生以及附生兰花相关的最常见的丝孢菌样真菌之一。