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Murashige & Skoog with Vitamins


Company: Caisson Laboratories
Catalog#: MSP09-1LT
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Stress Tolerance Assay at the Seed Germination Stage for Tobacco
[Abstract]  Stress tolerance of plants is a complex phenomenon that depends on the inter-related action of several morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters. Although stress affects normal physiological growth of a plant irrespective of its developmental stage, seed germination and seed setting are considered to be the most sensitive two. Therefore, to evaluate the stress tolerance potential of a particular plant species or variety, rate of seed germination in presence of stress is an important agronomic trait. This will provide a clear indication about the stress tolerance potential with minimum instrumentation facilities. The method is very simple, effective and highly reproducible that would provide quick and reliable results to the researchers. [摘要]  植物的胁迫耐受性是一种复杂的现象,取决于几个形态,生理和生化参数的相互作用。 虽然压力影响植物的正常生理生长,而不管其发育阶段,种子萌发和种子设置被认为是最敏感的两个。 因此,为了评价特定植物物种或品种的胁迫耐受性潜力,在胁迫存在下种子萌发的速率是重要的农艺性状。 这将提供关于最小仪器设施的应力耐受潜力的明确指示。 该方法非常简单,有效和高度可重现,将为研究人员提供快速和可靠的结果。