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Chemiluminescent Probes


Company: Wako Pure Chemical Industries
Catalog#: 075-05111
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Chemiluminescence Detection of the Oxidative Burst in Plant Leaf Pieces
[Abstract]  The production of 'reactive oxygen species' (ROS), also termed oxidative burst, is a typical cellular response of animals and plants to diverse biotic and abiotic stresses. Here, we outline the detection of the ROS-burst in plant leaf pieces using a luminol-based bioassay which allows for the detection of chemiluminescence. The assay was originally described by Keppler et al. (1989) and subsequently adapted for other plant cells and tissues (Felix et al., 1999) and also used in recent publications (Albert et al., 2013; Albert et al., 2010; Butenko et al., 2014; Halter et al., 2014). In this protocol we outline a standardized version of this assay including remarks and recommendations for data evaluation and interpretation of results. [摘要]  "活性氧"(ROS)的产生,也称为氧化爆发,是动物和植物对多种生物和非生物胁迫的典型细胞应答。 在这里,我们概述使用基于鲁米诺的生物测定法允许检测化学发光的植物叶片中的ROS突发的检测。 该测定最初由Keppler等人(1989)描述,随后适用于其他植物细胞和组织(Felix等人,1999),并且也用于最近的出版物 (Albert et al。,2013; Albert et al。,2010; Butenko et al。,2014; Halter et al。 ,2014)。 在本协议中,我们概述了该测定的标准化版本,包括对数据评估和结果解释的评论和建议。