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An Experimental Model of Neonatal Nociceptive Stimulation in Rats
[Abstract]  In order to survive, preterm and/or sick neonates need diagnostic and therapeutic measures that may cause discomfort, stress and pain during a critical period of intense growing and modeling of the central nervous system (Anand et al., 2013). Scientific interest in the long lasting effects of the Neonatal Intensive Care (NIC) experience, which provides a sensory experience completely different from the natural uterine environment, is growing (Jobe, 2014). The follow-up of critically ill newborn infants until adulthood indicated an association of early noxious stimuli with long lasting alterations in somatosensory and cognitive processing (Doesburg, 2013; Vinall et al., 2014; Vinall et al., 2013). However, one major limitation of the clinical studies is the ... [摘要]  为了存活,早产和/或生病的新生儿需要诊断和治疗措施,其可能在中枢神经系统的强烈生长和建模的关键时期期间引起不适,压力和疼痛(Anand等人 ,2013)。科学兴趣的新生儿重症监护(NIC)经验的长期影响,提供了一个完全不同于自然子宫环境的感觉经验,越来越多(Jobe,2014)。直到成年的危重新生儿的随访表明早期有害刺激与体长感觉和认知加工中的持久改变的关联(Doesburg,2013; Vinall等人,2014; Vinall等人, et al。,2013)。然而,临床研究的一个主要限制是难以区分在新生儿重症监护期间遭受的疼痛的长期影响和其他混杂因素,例如在住院期间存在非痛性压力,发生急性和慢性病态,产后环境影响和家庭护理。在这种情况下,理解每个因素所起的作用以及这些不同变量之间的相互作用需要使用动物模型。这里描述的协议用于模拟早产新生儿在NIC治疗期间遭受的有害刺激。目前的方案模拟了新生大鼠的炎性痛觉刺激,如先前所证实的(Leslie等人,2011; Lima等人,2014; Malheiros等人, ...