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Endogenous ABA Extraction and Measurement from Arabidopsis Leaves
[Abstract]  The endogenous messenger, the phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) plays a major role in plant’s adaption to drought, salinity, cold and other abiotic stresses. In addition to abiotic stress signaling, ABA is involved also in developmental regulation and in responses to diverse biotic stresses. Dehydration stress results in a strong increase in endogenous ABA levels, which can be perceived by RCAR/PYR1/PYL receptors, initiating the ABA signaling pathway to coordinate the genome-wide gene expression, and plants adaptive physiological responses. ABA biosynthesis triggered by environmental cues as well as developmental signals occurs predominantly in vascular parenchyma cells. The measurement of ABA content in different organ/tissues is required to understandings how ABA is produced and ... [摘要]  内源性信使,植物激素脱落酸(ABA)在植物适应干旱,盐分,寒冷和其他非生物胁迫中发挥重要作用。除了非生物胁迫信号转导,ABA也参与发育调节和对不同生物胁迫的反应。脱水胁迫导致内源性ABA水平的强烈增加,其可以被RCAR/PYR1/PYL受体感知,启动ABA信号传导途径以协调全基因组基因表达,并植物适应性生理反应。由环境信号以及发育信号触发的ABA生物合成主要发生在血管实质细胞中。需要测量不同器官/组织中的ABA含量以理解ABA在各种胁迫条件下如何在植物内产生和递送,并阐明其在生理学和转录反应中的调节作用。
可以实现ABA的定量通过两种方法:1)使用气相色谱 - 串联质谱(GC-MS)和2)使用免疫测定。这两种方法对痕量的ABA至低的皮克(10-12g/ml FW)范围敏感。 GC-MS方法需要特殊的设备,然而基于抗体的方法相对简单并且可以在实验室中进行。在这里我们介绍一种简单的ABA提取拟南芥幼苗的方法,并通过竞争性ELISA试剂盒进一步确定ABA水平。