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Neutral Red Assay for Murine Norovirus Replication and Detection in a Mouse
[Abstract]  Neutral red (NR) is a dye that must be actively imported into the cell, and, therefore, the dye has been used for decades to selectively stain living cells. In addition, NR can also be incorporated into virus particles, although the mechanism behind this is poorly understood. Once encapsulated into the virion, NR, a light sensitive dye, can be photoactivated to inactivate the virus. The proposed mechanism explaining this observation is that activation of NR allows the dye to cross-link viral genome to viral capsid and thus preventing viral uncoating and infection. To study the early events of murine norovirus (MNV)-host interaction, light-sensitive NR-containing MNV is used to distinguish between input virus (i.e., NR-containing virus) and replicated virus (i.e., ... [摘要]  中性红(NR)是必须主动导入细胞的染料,因此,染料已经使用数十年来选择性地染色活细胞。此外,NR也可以被并入病毒颗粒中,虽然其背后的机制知之甚少。一旦包封入病毒粒子中,NR(一种光敏染料)可以被光活化以使病毒失活。解释这种观察的提出的机制是NR的活化允许染料将病毒基因组交联病毒衣壳,从而防止病毒脱壳和感染。为了研究鼠诺如病毒(MNV) - 宿主相互作用的早期事件,使用光敏感的含NR的MNV来区分输入病毒(即含有NR的病毒)和复制的病毒( >即,无NR的病毒)。该方案描述了将NR掺入MNV衣壳中以及这些病毒颗粒用于通过标准噬菌斑测定在小鼠和组织培养物中检测病毒复制的用途。相同的技术也用于研究脊髓灰质炎病毒复制(1-3)。因此,存在该技术可用于另外的非包膜病毒的潜力。然而,这必须在逐案基础上进行测试,因为关于猫杯状病毒的未公开数据表明不是所有的病毒都能够将NR稳定地掺入其衣壳中(J.Parker,personal communication)。

Probing Yeast Protein Microarrays for Protein-protein Interactions Using V5-epitope Tagged Fusion Protein Probes
[Abstract]  Protein microarray is probably the only technique currently available for systematic investigation of protein-protein interactions. This protocol describes an optimized method to probe yeast protein microarrays for protein-protein interactions using purified V5-epitope tagged fusion protein. It should also apply to any other proteins with appropriate modifications. [摘要]  蛋白质微阵列可能是目前唯一可用于系统调查蛋白质 - 蛋白质相互作用的技术。 该协议描述了使用纯化的V5-表位标记的融合蛋白探测蛋白质 - 蛋白质相互作用的酵母蛋白质微阵列的优化方法。 它也应适用于具有适当修饰的任何其他蛋白质。