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Company: EMD Millipore
Catalog#: 822335
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In situ Digestion of Wheat Cell-wall Polysaccharides
[Abstract]  Cell walls of the wheat endosperm are mostly composed of arabinoxylans (AX) and mixed (1→3), (1→4)-β-glucans (BG) (Saulnier et al., 2012). Here, we present an optimized protocol to degrade enzymatically these cell-wall polysaccharides into oligosaccharides, directly from wheat grain cross sections. The main difficulty is to provide a sufficient amount of humidity for the enzyme to be active, while the amount of liquid at the surface of the tissue should stay low to prevent any delocalization of the released products. With this protocol, enzymatic degradation was shown to be efficient and delocalization of released oligosaccharides was estimated below 50 µm (Veličković et al., 2014).

Although it can be employed for other purposes, this in situ ...
[摘要]  小麦胚乳的细胞壁主要由阿拉伯木聚糖(AX)和混合的(1→3),(1→4)-β-葡聚糖(BG)组成(Saulnier等人,2012)。在这里,我们提出一个优化的协议,以酶法将这些细胞壁多糖降解为低聚糖,直接从小麦籽粒横截面。主要的困难是提供足够量的湿度以使酶活性,而组织表面处的液体量应保持低以防止释放的产物的任何离域。使用该方案,酶降解显示是有效的,并且释放的寡糖的离域化估计低于50μm(Veličkovic等人,2014)。虽然它可以用于其他目的,但是这种原位酶消化主要用于通过基质辅助激光解吸/电离(MALDI)获得小麦胚乳的横截面的分子图像)质谱(Veličkovic等人,2014)。细胞壁多糖在结构上是异质的,表现出高质量并且缠结到复杂网络中。因此,它们不适合通过质谱法直接分析,并且它们需要作为第一步骤降解为较小的化合物。在该方案中,还描述了对应于MALDI基质的沉积的另外的步骤。

Immunoblot Analysis of Histone H4 Acetylation and Histone H2A Phosphorylation in Candida albicans
[Abstract]  Posttranslational modifications of histones are required for different processes including transcription, replication and DNA damage repair. This protocol describes the preparation of a whole-cell extracts for the fungal pathogen Candida albicans. Furthermore, the extract is used to detect lysine acetylation of histone H4 as well as serine 129 phosphorylation of histone H2A by immunoblot analysis.
[摘要]  包括转录,复制和DNA损伤修复的不同过程需要组蛋白的翻译后修饰。 该方案描述了真菌病原体白色念珠菌的全细胞提取物的制备。 此外,提取物用于通过免疫印迹分析检测组蛋白H4的赖氨酸乙酰化以及组蛋白H2A的丝氨酸129磷酸化。