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Company: United States Biological
Catalog#: K0010
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Iodine Staining of Escherichia coli Expressing Genes Involved in the Synthesis of Bacterial Glycogen
[Abstract]  The presence of intracellular glycogen can be detected by the following iodine staining technique. Cells with glycogen stain dark brown, whereas in its absence they remain with a pale yellowish color. It is hypothesized that iodine atoms fit into helical coils formed by the α-polyglucan to form a coloured glycogen-iodine complex. Here, we have studied the expression of Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) genes that control the biosynthesis of this polysaccharide (Asencion Diez et al., 2013). Thus, we expressed glgC and glgD genes coding for both ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase subunits in Escherichia coli (E. coli) AC70R1-504 cells to complement the deficient accumulation of glycogen by this strain (Iglesias et al., 1993). In ... [摘要]  细胞内糖原的存在可以通过以下碘染色技术检测。 具有糖原染色的细胞为深棕色,而在其不存在时,它们保持淡黄色。 假设碘原子适合由α-聚葡萄糖形成的螺旋线圈以形成有色的糖原 - 碘络合物。 在这里,我们研究了控制该多糖的生物合成的变异链球菌((变异链球菌))基因的表达(Asencion Diez等人 ,2013)。 因此,我们表达编码大肠杆菌中的ADP-Glc焦磷酸化酶亚基的 glgC 和 glgD 基因( >)AC70R1-504细胞以补充该菌株的糖原的不足积累(Iglesias等人,1993)。 在对照细胞或表达无活性蛋白质的那些细胞中,通过碘染色技术检测不到多糖的合成。