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Cytokine Mouse 10-Plex Panel for LuminexTM Platform

用于Luminex TM平台的细胞因子鼠标10-Plex面板

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: LMC0001
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Vaccine-induced Cytokine Production Detected by Luminex Multiplex Analysis
[Abstract]  Different vaccine and adjuvant combinations are known to rapidly induce antigen presenting cell (APC) maturation and pro-inflammatory cytokine and production, which in turn play an important role in the priming of antigen-specific T cells. Measuring cytokine production systemically in the serum fails to detect localized responses in the lymph nodes draining a subcutaneous immunization site. On the other hand, stimulating APC with vaccine formulations in vitro lacks the complexity of the lymph node microenvironment and the presence of other in vivo factors. Here we analyse cytokine production directly in vaccine draining lymph nodes (dLN) extracted early after in vivo vaccination. To do this we perform cytokine multiplex analysis of supernatants from whole dLN ... [摘要]  已知不同的疫苗和佐剂组合快速诱导抗原呈递细胞(APC)成熟和促炎细胞因子和产生,其反过来在抗原特异性T细胞的引发中起重要作用。 在血清中全身测量细胞因子产生不能检测排出皮下免疫位点的淋巴结中的局部反应。 另一方面,用疫苗制剂在体外刺激APC缺少淋巴结微环境的复杂性和其他体内因子的存在。 在这里我们分析细胞因子生产直接在疫苗引流淋巴结(dLN)提前早期在体内接种。 为此,我们在短暂的离体孵育后对来自整个dLN细胞悬浮液的上清液进行细胞因子多重分析。