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MEM Eagle with Earle's BSS, with L-glutamine

MEM具有Earle''s BSS的Eagle,具有L-谷氨酰胺

Company: Lonza
Catalog#: 12-611F
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VZV Replication Assays
[Abstract]  Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is a human herpesvirus which causes Varicella (chickenpox) upon primary infection and Zoster (shingles) following reactivation from latency (von Bokay, 1909). Whilst VZV is extensively studied, inherent features of VZV replication, such as cell-association of virus particles during in vitro culture and a restricted host range (limited to humans and some other primates) mean the cellular and viral mechanisms underlying VZV reactivation and pathogenesis remain largely uncharacterised. Much remains to be learnt about VZV, interactions with its host, and the development of disease. This protocol describes a basic VZV replication assay using a recombinant VZV-GFP reporter virus. As VZV is highly cell-associated in tissue culture, the reporter virus ... [摘要]  水痘带状疱疹病毒(VZV)是人疱疹病毒,其在初次感染时引起水痘(水痘),在从潜伏期再活化后引起带状疱疹(带状疱疹)(von Bokay,1909)。虽然VZV被广泛研究,VZV复制的固有特征,例如在体外培养期间病毒颗粒的细胞缔合和受限的宿主范围(限于人和一些其它灵长类动物)意味着细胞和病毒基本的VZV再激活和发病机制仍然很大程度上没有表征。关于VZV,与其宿主的相互作用和疾病的发展仍然有很多知识。该协议描述了使用重组VZV-GFP报道病毒的基本VZV复制测定。由于VZV在组织培养中是高度细胞相关的,这里描述的报道病毒接种物是感染细胞的制备物。这种报道病毒感染的细胞系可以与siRNA基因缺失或cDNA过表达转染方案组合使用,以确定单个细胞基因对病毒复制的影响。