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Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG - Horseradish Peroxidase

山羊抗兔IgG - 辣根过氧化物酶

Company: Cytiva
Catalog#: RPN4301
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Analysis of Direct Interaction between Viral DNA-binding Proteins by Protein Pull-down Co-immunoprecipitation Assay
[Abstract]  This protocol analyzes the direct interaction between two DNA-binding proteins by pull-down co-immunoprecipitation. One of the proteins is overexpressed in E. coli as HA-tagged recombinant protein and cell-free extracts are immunoprecipitated in HA-affinity resin. Cell extracts are treated with nuclease to degrade DNA and RNA, which rules out nucleic acid-mediated indirect interaction. Then, a second immunoprecipitation step is performed using the purified putative partner protein. Co-immunoprecipitated proteins can be detected either by Coomassie Blue staining and/or Western blotting (WB) if a specific antibody is available. Moreover, many DNA/RNA binding proteins are highly electropositive, which can hinder WB under standard conditions, as has been shown in histones and ... [摘要]  该协议通过下拉共免疫沉淀分析两种DNA结合蛋白之间的直接相互作用。其中一种蛋白在E中过表达。如HA标记的重组蛋白和无细胞提取物在HA亲和树脂中免疫沉淀。用核酸酶处理细胞提取物以降解DNA和RNA,这排除了核酸介导的间接相互作用。然后,使用纯化的推定的配偶体蛋白进行第二次免疫沉淀步骤。如果特异性抗体可用,可以通过考马斯蓝染色和/或Western印迹(WB)检测免疫共沉淀蛋白质。此外,许多DNA / RNA结合蛋白具有高度正电性,在标准条件下可阻碍WB,正如组蛋白和组蛋白样蛋白所示。在这种情况下,我们表明,假定的合作伙伴的高等电点导致转移不良。提示麻烦WB提供高正电荷DNA结合蛋白的转移。

【背景】共免疫沉淀是分析蛋白质 - 蛋白质相互作用(PPI)的常用方法。许多共免疫沉淀方案使用细菌表达的蛋白质。然而,细胞提取物的使用不排除由第三种蛋白介导的间接相互作用,或者在DNA / RNA结合蛋白的情况下介导核酸。

乙型病毒Bam35(B35TP)的末端蛋白含有保守的酪氨酸194,其提供OH基团以在蛋白质引发的DNA复制期间锚定病毒基因组的第一个5'-dTMP。此外,B35TP具有很强的DNA结合能力,与许多DNA结合蛋白一样,它具有非常高的等电点(约10.6),这影响其体外稳定性和功能(Berjón-Otero 等),2016)。 ...

Enzymatic Reactions and Detection of C3 Cleavage Fragments
[Abstract]  The complement component C3 is the major effector molecule of the complement system. C3 circulates in the blood and interstitial fluids as pro-enzyme and is activated by enzymatic cleavage into a C3a portion, a classic anaphylatoxin that functions as chemoattractant and immune cell activator, and the C3b portion, the body’s most potent opsonin. C3 cleavage is in most cases mediated by an enzyme complex called the C3 convertase. However, it is now becoming increasingly clear that the cleavage of C3 by a range of ‘single’ proteases into bioactive C3a and C3b fragments is of high physiological significance. Here, we describe a protocol for the enzymatic cleavage of human C3 by the serine protease cathepsin L and the detection of the cleavage products C3a and C3b by western blotting as an ... [摘要]  补体组分C3是补体系统的主要效应分子。 C3作为前酶在血液和间质液中循环,并通过酶裂解活化为C3a部分,用作化学引诱物和免疫细胞活化剂的经典过敏毒素和作为机体最有效调理素的C3b部分。 C3切割在大多数情况下由称为C3转化酶的酶复合物介导。 然而,现在越来越清楚的是,通过一系列"单一"蛋白酶将C3切割成生物活性C3a和C3b片段具有高生理学意义。 在这里,我们描述了通过丝氨酸蛋白酶组织蛋白酶L酶切割人C3的方案和通过蛋白质印迹检测裂解产物C3a和C3b作为这种酶反应的实例。