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Catalog#: P1644
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Adoptive Transfer of Lung Antigen Presenting Cells
[Abstract]  Our protocol describes adoptive transfer of antigen presenting cells (APCs) isolated from the lungs by enzymatic digestion and magnetic enrichment. This protocol can be used to study APC functions and trafficking. [摘要]  我们的方案描述了通过酶消化和磁力富集从肺分离的抗原呈递细胞(APC)的过继转移。该协议可用于研究APC功能和贩运。

背景 包括巨噬细胞和树突状细胞(DC)在内的肺癌APC在感染侵袭性病原体,引发T细胞应答和控制耐受性反应中发挥关键作用。肺DC是稳定状态下最有效的专业APC,包括常规DC(cDC)和浆细胞样DC(pDC),以及炎症时新招募的单核细胞衍生的DC(moDC)(Kopf等人)。 ,2015)。肺静脉巨噬细胞,包括肺泡巨噬细胞,间质巨噬细胞和支气管巨噬细胞,在呈递抗原方面的效力较低。

Isolation and Growth of Adult Mouse Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons
[Abstract]  Adult dorsal root ganglia neurons are among the few adult neuronal cell types that can be purified and grown relatively easily in dissociated cell culture. Here we describe a procedure for the isolation and growth of dissociated adult mouse DRG neurons using Percoll gradients and a chemically defined medium. These cultures can be used for morphological, biochemical and electrophysiological studies of neuronal growth and function. [摘要]  成年背根神经节神经元是少数成年神经元细胞类型,可以在分离的细胞培养物中相对容易地纯化和生长。 在这里,我们描述了使用Percoll梯度和化学定义的培养基分离和生长分离的成年小鼠DRG神经元的过程。 这些培养物可用于神经元生长和功能的形态学,生物化学和电生理学研究。

Determining Leukocyte Origins Using Parabiosis in the PyMT Breast Tumor Model
[Abstract]  Tumors develop in a complex microenvironment alongside numerous cell types that impact their survival. Immune cells make up a large proportion of these accessory cells and many are known to promote tumor progression. Macrophages, in particular, are associated with poor patient prognosis and are therefore potential candidates for therapeutic targeting in cancer. However, to develop successful strategies to target macrophages, it is important to clarify whether these cells are derived from blood-borne precursors or a tissue-resident population. Parabiosis, or the surgical connection of two mice resulting in a shared blood circulation, allows the distinction between these two cellular sources. Here, we describe the use of parabiosis to define cell ontogeny in a mouse model of breast cancer. [摘要]  肿瘤在复杂的微环境中发展,伴随许多影响其存活的细胞类型。 免疫细胞构成这些附属细胞的大部分,并且已知许多细胞促进肿瘤进展。 巨噬细胞,特别是与不良的患者预后相关,因此是癌症中治疗靶向的潜在候选者。 然而,要开发成功的策略,以靶向巨噬细胞,重要的是要澄清这些细胞是否源自血源性前体或组织驻留人群。 Parabiosis或两个小鼠的外科连接导致共享的血液循环,允许这两个细胞来源之间的区别。 在这里,我们描述在乳腺癌的小鼠模型中定义细胞个体发育的拟杆菌的使用。