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Surfact-AmpsTM X-100 (Triton X-100) 10% solution

Triton TM X-100 Surfact-Amps 洗涤剂溶液

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: 28314
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Radioactive Pulse-Chase Analysis and Immunoprecipitation
[Abstract]  Labeling of newly-synthesized polypeptides with radioactive amino acids followed by immunoprecipitation allows quantitative analysis of the fate of a given protein in a time-dependent manner. This biochemical approach is usually used to study a variety of processes, such as protein folding, co-translational modifications, intracellular transport, and even its rate of degradation. Here, I describe step by step a simple technique to both label newly-synthesized influenza A virus (IAV) hemagglutinin (HA) with [35S]-methionine and then follow its maturation and transport through the secretory pathway by SDS-PAGE and fluorography (Magadan et al., 2013). [摘要]  用放射性氨基酸标记新合成的多肽,随后免疫沉淀允许以时间依赖性方式定量分析给定蛋白质的命运。 这种生物化学方法通常用于研究各种过程,如蛋白质折叠,共翻译修饰,细胞内转运,甚至其降解速率。 在这里,我逐步描述一个简单的技术,以标记新合成的甲型流感病毒(IAV)血凝素(HA)与[35 S] - 甲硫氨酸,然后跟随其成熟和运输通过分泌 通过SDS-PAGE和荧光成像(Magadan等人,2013)。