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100x BioLyte® 3/10 Ampholyte

100x BioLyte ® 3/10 Ampholyte

Company: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Catalog#: 1632094
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Protein Sample Preparation for Proteomic Analysis in Leishmania donovani
[Abstract]  Leishmania is a genus of trypanosomatid protozoa and is the parasite responsible for the disease leishmaniasis. These protozoa, regulate their gene expression in an atypical way, compared to other higher eukaryotes. The regulation of gene expression is characterized by a predominance of post-transcriptional over pre-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms (Clayton, 2002). Thus proteomic analysis has proven an essential tool for understanding pathways implicated in Leishmania infectivity, host-parasite interactions, drug resistance and others. When employing a comparative proteomics analysis between different parasitic cell lines, it is essential that these lines are cultivated in exactly the same way, in the same cell density and growth phase. More importantly when ... [摘要]  利什曼原虫属是锥虫病原生动物属,是负责疾病利什曼病的寄生虫。这些原生动物,与其他高等真核生物相比,以非典型方式调节它们的基因表达。基因表达的调节的特征在于转录后优先于转录前调节机制(Clayton,2002)。因此,蛋白质组学分析已经证明是了解利什曼原虫感染,宿主寄生虫相互作用,耐药性和其他相关途径的重要工具。当在不同寄生细胞系之间使用比较蛋白质组学分析时,以相同的方式,在相同的细胞密度和生长期中培养这些细胞系是必要的。更重要的是,当怀疑细胞周期缺陷时,必须在同一细胞周期阶段同步细胞系,以消除可能的人工因素。该方案描述了在杜氏利什曼原虫( donovani )中用于蛋白质组分析的全蛋白样品的制备。