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Magnesium Chloride, 6-Hydrate


Company: Avantor Performance Materials
Catalog#: 2444-01
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X-gal Staining on Adult Mouse Brain Sections
[Abstract]  Knowing expression patterns of given proteins is very important to understand their functions. Immunostaining analysis with specific antibodies is commonly used to identify cells or tissues expressing proteins of interest. Although this technique is regularly used, it requires high quality of specific antibodies and there is no good quality of antibody available for certain proteins. Alternatively, X-gal staining is also used to analyze protein expression pattern. It is simple and routinely used to detect expression pattern of any proteins of interest in vivo. In this method, genetically modified animals that express beta-galactosidase under the control of certain regulatory elements will be used to reveal the expression pattern of proteins that use the same regulatory elements. [摘要]  了解给定蛋白质的表达模式对于了解其功能非常重要。 特异性抗体的免疫染色分析通常用于鉴定表达目的蛋白质的细胞或组织。 虽然这种技术是经常使用的,但它需要高质量的特异性抗体,并且对某些蛋白质没有可用的抗体质量很好。 或者,X-gal染色也用于分析蛋白质表达模式。 简单且常规地用于检测任何目标蛋白在体内的表达模式。 在这种方法中,在某些调节元件控制下表达β-半乳糖苷酶的转基因动物将用于揭示使用相同调控元件的蛋白质的表达模式。