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Catalog#: 118-162-101
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An ex vivo Model of HIV-1 Infection in Human Lymphoid Tissue and Cervico-vaginal Tissue
[Abstract]  Human tissue explants are a valuable tool to study the interactions between host and infectious agents. They reliably mimic many important aspects of tissue cytoarchitecture and functions and allow us the investigation of the mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis under controlled laboratory conditions. One of the advantages of this system is that, unlike isolated cells, infection of tissue blocks with HIV-1 does not require exogenous stimulation with mitogens or activating factors. Here we describe a protocol to infect with HIV-1 human lymphoid tissue from tonsils and cervico-vaginal tissue and maintain them in culture in a non-polarized setting. These ex vivo infected tissues can be used as fruitful models to study HIV-1 pathogenesis and HIV-1 vaginal transmission, respectively, ... [摘要]  人组织外植体是研究宿主和感染因子之间的相互作用的有价值的工具。 他们可靠地模仿组织细胞结构和功能的许多重要方面,并允许我们在受控的实验室条件下的微生物发病机制的调查。 该系统的优点之一是,与分离的细胞不同,用HIV-1感染组织块不需要用有丝分裂原或激活因子的外源刺激。 在这里我们描述感染艾滋病毒1人类淋巴组织从扁桃体和宫颈阴道组织和维持他们在非偏振设置的文化协议。 这些离体感染的组织可以用作有效的模型来分别研究HIV-1发病机制和HIV-1阴道传播,以及用于测试抗HIV治疗和预防策略的有效平台。 br />