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AIMV medium

AIM V ® Medium(研究级),AlbuMAX ®补充物

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog#: 31035025
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Protocol for Isolation, Stimulation and Functional Profiling of Primary and iPSC-derived Human NK Cells

Natural killer (NK) cells are innate immune cells, characterized by their cytotoxic capacity, and chemokine and cytokine secretion upon activation. Human NK cells are identified by CD56 expression. Circulating NK cells can be further subdivided into the CD56bright (~10%) and CD56dim NK cell subsets (~90%). NK cell-like cells can also be derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). To study the chemokine and cytokine secretion profile of the distinct heterogenous NK cell subsets, intracellular flow cytometry staining can be performed. However, this assay is challenging when the starting material is limited. Alternatively, NK cell subsets can be enriched, sorted, stimulated, and functionally profiled by measuring secreted effector molecules in the supernatant by Luminex. Here,

[摘要]  [摘要]天然杀伤(NK)细胞是先天性免疫细胞,其特征在于其细胞毒性能力以及活化后的趋化因子和细胞因子分泌。人NK细胞通过CD56表达鉴定。循环的NK细胞可进一步细分为CD56亮(约10%)和CD56暗NK细胞亚群(约90%)。NK细胞样细胞也可以源自人诱导的多能干细胞(iPSC)。为了研究不同的异源NK细胞亚群的趋化因子和细胞因子分泌概况,可以进行细胞内流式细胞仪染色。然而,当起始原料有限时,该测定法具有挑战性。或者,可以通过Luminex测量上清液中分泌的效应子分子来富集,分选,刺激和功能性分析NK细胞亚群。在这里,我们提供了一种快速直接的方案,用于分离和刺激原代NK细胞或iPSC衍生的NK细胞样细胞,并随后检测分泌的细胞因子和趋化因子,这也适用于少量细胞。

[背景]自然杀伤(NK)细胞是先天免疫系统的一部分,提供第一线防御病毒感染和畸形。在人血中,可以基于CD56和CD16表达鉴定出两个不同的NK细胞群体:CD56明亮的CD16 +/-和CD56暗的CD16 + ...

Intracellular Staining for Phosphorylated STAT4 and STAT5 in Mouse Splenocytes
[Abstract]  The Stat (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription) family of proteins are critical signal transducers involved in fundamental cellular processes, including cell growth and differentiation, development, apoptosis, immune responses and inflammation. In here, we describe a simple and reproducible flow cytometry protocol to measure Stat protein phosphorylation in splenocyte preparations from malaria infected mice. [摘要]  Stat(信号转导和转录激活因子)家族是参与基本细胞过程(包括细胞生长和分化,发育,凋亡,免疫应答和炎症)的关键信号转导。 在这里,我们描述一个简单和可重复的流式细胞术协议,测量Stat蛋白磷酸化从疟疾感染小鼠的脾细胞制备。